Our Cleaning Service
A cleaning service is to clean and sanitize your home. There are many cleaning
companies for people to choose from whether with a franchised company or a
independent cleaner.  However, when you call how do you know what type of
service you will receive.  

We do not work by the hour, we work until the job is done. We use the latest
cleaning technologies to meet any challenge and pay attention to the small
details needed to make a difference.

Allcare makes looking for a reliable cleaner easy and affordable.  As a new or first
time customer you can take advantage of our many promotions.

  1. Take a look at the information we have provided, including our sample
  2. Read what our customers are saying or ask us for references.
  3. Call us at 604-440-2215 or contact us online for a free assessment
  4. With our customized checklist you only pay for what you want or need
  5. Our customer satisfaction guarantee means if you are not happy, you
    don't pay until you are.

What do you clean

We are detailed cleaners that are able to clean anything. We are able to get clean
what others can't clean or won't from lack of effort.

  • Kitchen and Bathrooms
  • Walls and counter tops
  • Floors, carpets and rugs
  • Furniture and Fixtures
  • Appliances
  • Windows and doors
  • Grout and Tiles

What do you clean with

At Allcare we believe in responsible cleaning. This means being responsible to
our customers and
the environment.  We use products that are environmentally friendly. This
means they are
biodegradable and non-toxic. We also carry a line of all natural,chemical free,
cleaning solutions.

Who does the cleaning

Our cleaners are honest, friendly, and considerate when working on your home
or business.  We respect our customers privacy and our cleaners under go
background checks to ensure your security. They are well trained and have
excellent communication skills. All of our cleaner wear uniforms and name
badges. When you are happy and comfortable with one of our cleaner, we will
send the same cleaner on every visit.

We aim to exceed our client’s expectations, customer satisfaction is guaranteed.
Click to see a sample copy of our
cleaning checklist.
  • Clean:  A word meaning neat or organized.  Free
    from dirt, stain, or impurities; unsoiled.
  • Sanitize: The process of killing bacteria and other
    harmful micro-organisms on surfaces
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Nature provides us with some of the
best cleaners there are today. Call
and start using our all natural
cleaning service. It makes a
difference, in your home and in the
Our Guarantee
We stand behind our work, so if for any reason you are not completely
satisfied with our work we will resolve any issues at no cost.